A good guy and a very good realtor

Tim is simply a good guy, and a very good realtor. He’s smart, he does his homework, he communicates through the entire process, and handles all the little things that I wouldn’t ever have the patience to deal with. I’ve worked with other realtors, and never felt like they had my back; never felt they had my best interest at heart. With 100% certainty, I can say Tim had my back. He wasn’t just selling another condo, he was selling MY condo, and he never lost sight of that. He guided me through the whole process, and I never felt left out. He did all the prep work one would expect, he found the sweet spot of a price to list it (which was way more than I had expected), and then with multiple offers, correctly named the price we would sell it for – all in less than a week no less! He and his team handled all the Escrow pieces very clearly, and if I ever had any question, they were always there with the answer. I kind of wish I had more properties to buy and sell, because I absolutly would trust Tim to take care of me over and over and over again.

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